Reddit Is Going To Be More Like Tiktok Video Feed

In the next few weeks, the interface of the popular discussion platform Reddit will be split into two parts. One is a news feed dedicated to written publications and the other one is video content like Tiktok video feed.

Reddit is close to its 18th birthday, announcing a new update to its mobile app in a blog the previous day. This will simplify and streamline how people discover, join, and contribute to communities and bring new ways to engage in conversations and content. Now users can now watch and read feeds. This will allow them to separate video and text content from various subreddits.

If we recall, then we will find that Reddit showcased a brand new design to its web user interface and mobile friendly application in 2017. Since then it has displayed its willingness to make its community more accessible.

On the other hand, Reddit is also adding new features like search in the post comments on desktop, iOS, and Android. With this feature available you don’t have to find one or more particular comments using “ctrl-f” (or “cmd-f”) on that post anymore.

Additionally, the business has announced updates to its video player so that Redditors can easily engage in conversations while watching, chat improvements, new storefront updates, and more. These updates aim to offer fast and reliable experiences. If video feed features like Tiktok video feed are released then it will affect a great impact on other video feeds like Tiktok video feed,

Snapchat video feed, Instagram video feed, Facebook video feed, youtube video feed, etc.

These changes demonstrate Reddit’s ongoing efforts to make its platform simpler in order to draw in more users and establish itself as a more widely used social media platform globally.

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