Top 10 skillshare alternatives you will need for growing your skill

Top 10 skillshare alternatives you will need for growing your skill. On this platform, you will a lot of courses. Here our expert will discuss these 10 platform features. Let’s get started…

There are a lot of learning platforms available online. But not all of them are perfect. Here is the list of the most perfect skillshare alternative platforms below.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online education platform that offers courses in a wide range of subjects, from math and science to art and history. The platform provides a personalized learning experience for each user, with lessons, quizzes, and practice exercises tailored to their individual needs. Khan Academy also offers a library of videos and other resources, as well as an active community of learners. The platform is available in more than 36 languages and has been used by over 60 million students worldwide.


1. Interactive Lessons: Interactive lessons with videos, practice exercises, and quizzes help learners understand concepts quickly and thoroughly.

2. Real-Time Coaching: Coaches can provide real-time feedback to learners and track progress over time.

3. Gamification: Achievements and rewards motivate learners to stay engaged and motivated.

4. Customizable Learning Paths: Learners can choose from a variety of learning paths, including topics and skills they want to focus on.

5. Personalized Learning: Khan Academy’s personalized learning dashboard allows learners to set their own goals and get tailored recommendations based on their performance.

6. Mobile Learning: Khan Academy is available on mobile devices and tablets, making it easier for learners to access and engage with lessons and activities.

7. Collaborative Learning: Learners can collaborate with other learners in groups and forums, helping them learn together.

8. Analytics: Khan Academy’s analytics provide teachers and coaches with insights into student performance, enabling them to adjust instruction accordingly.


Coursera is an online platform offering a wide variety of courses from some of the world’s leading universities. The courses are free to access, and students can choose from a variety of topics, such as business, computer science, language, and more. Students can also get certificates and degrees from select courses.


1. Access to Thousands of Courses: Coursera offers a wide variety of courses from top universities and organizations from around the world.

2. Online Learning from Anywhere: Coursera’s courses and programs can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. Flexible Learning Options: Coursera offers a variety of learning options to fit your needs, including self-paced, flexible deadlines, and instructor-led courses.

4. Certificate Programs: Coursera offers a range of professional certificate programs to help you advance your career.

5. Specializations: Coursera offers a range of specializations to help you develop a deeper understanding of a specific subject.

6. Guided Projects: Coursera offers guided projects designed to help you apply the skills you learn in your courses to real-world problems.

7. Peer Feedback: Coursera encourages peer feedback and collaboration so you can learn from others and share your knowledge with the community.

8. Mobile App: Coursera’s mobile app allows you to access courses and learning materials from your mobile device.


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers video-based courses and tutorials. It has a wide range of courses covering topics such as software development, business, photography, design, and more. Udemy has both free and paid courses, and most courses include course materials, such as video lectures, quizzes, and assignments. Udemy also has a community forum where learners can interact with instructors and peers.


1. Easy Navigation: Udemy offers an intuitive and user-friendly navigation system, making it easy to find the courses you’re looking for.

2. Course Creation Tool: Udemy allows instructors to create and publish their own courses with ease.

3. Certification: Udemy offers certification after completion of a course, which can be used as an official proof of completion and as a form of recognition.

4. Lecture Notes: Udemy provides lecture notes and slides to accompany each course.

5. Interactive Quizzes: Udemy offers interactive quizzes to help students review and test their knowledge.

6. Discussion Forums: Students can interact with their peers, ask questions, and discuss course-related topics in the discussion forums.

7. Rate and Review System: Students can rate and review the courses they have taken, helping other users make informed decisions about which courses to take.

8. Course Bundles: Udemy offers discounted bundles that allow users to purchase multiple courses at once.

9. Video Lectures: Udemy provides video lectures for each course, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

10. Course Progress Tracker: Udemy allows users to track their progress through each course with a progress tracker.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a comprehensive learning platform that provides users with access to thousands of interactive video courses. It covers topics such as business, design, and technology, and offers courses from business experts, industry leaders, and renowned authors. The platform also provides users with personalized recommendations and resources to help them stay up-to-date on the latest trends and tools. Additionally, it provides users with the ability to create and share their own courses, as well as access exclusive content from leading companies and organizations.


1. Professional Certifications: LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of certifications for professionals in a variety of fields.

2. Expert-Led Courses: Get access to thousands of expert-led courses from top industry experts.

3. Mobile Learning: Learn on the go with mobile-friendly courses.

4. Learning Paths: Get suggested learning paths tailored to your needs and interests.

5. Track Your Progress: Track your progress and gain a better understanding of your skills.

6. Video Tutorials: Watch video tutorials to help you master new skills.

7. Practice Exercises: Practice what you’ve learned with hands-on exercises.

8. Learning Assessments: Take assessments to measure your knowledge and skill level.

9. Personalized Learning: Get tailored recommendations based on your interests.

10. Real-World Projects: Learn through real-world projects and activities.


Udacity is an online learning platform that provides free and paid courses in a range of subjects, including computer science, business, and artificial intelligence. Udacity offers both self-paced and instructor-led courses, as well as nano degrees, which are accelerated programs designed to help students gain the skills and knowledge needed for a specific job. Udacity also provides career services such as job search assistance, resume help, and interview practice.


1. Self-paced learning: Learn at your own pace with flexible deadlines and no set hours.

2. Access to real-world projects: Practice your skills in projects that simulate the real world.

3. Mentorship: Connect with mentors and peers for guidance, advice, and feedback.

4. Career services: Get support with job search strategies, resume reviews, and more.

5. Nanodegrees: Earn credentials in specific technologies and skills.

6. Expert instructors: Learn from industry experts who have built and taught successful courses.

7. Interactive quizzes and exercises: Get immediate feedback to help you understand concepts quicker.

8. Technical support: Get help with technical issues and debugging.

9. Job-ready skills: Develop the skills employers need most.

10. Flexible learning: Access the course materials anytime and anywhere.


Pluralsight is an online learning platform that specializes in professional development and technical skills training. With its library of over 5,000 courses and learning paths, learners can access video lessons, practice labs, hands-on projects, and more. Pluralsight offers a variety of topics ranging from software development to IT operations, security, and data science. It also provides tools to help learners measure their learning progress and demonstrate their expertise with digital badges and certificates.


1. Personalized Learning Paths: Pluralsight provides personalized learning paths tailored to a user’s specific skills and interests.

2. Expert-Led Courses: Pluralsight offers courses led by industry experts in a variety of topics, from software development to creative media.

3. Mobile App Access: Pluralsight’s mobile app allows users to access their courses anywhere, anytime.

4. Hands-On Learning: Pluralsight offers hands-on learning experiences with real-world projects and assessments.

5. Live Mentoring Sessions: Pluralsight offers live mentoring sessions with industry experts, allowing users to get personalized guidance and feedback on their work.

6. Skill IQ and Role IQ: Pluralsight’s Skill IQ and Role IQ assessments help users identify their skills and roles, and guide them to the right learning path.

7. Course Certifications: Pluralsight offers course certifications to demonstrate a user’s mastery of a particular skill or technology.

8. Learning Paths: Pluralsight provides users with structured learning paths that guide their learning in a specific topic or technology.

9. Live Events: Pluralsight hosts regular webinars and other live events to help users stay up to date with the latest technologies.

10. Community: Pluralsight connects users with an active community of professionals, where they can ask questions, get advice, and share their experiences.


Deepstash is a mobile application that helps users discover new products and services in order to make their lives easier. The app uses a unique algorithm to curate recommendations based on the user’s interests and needs. The app also allows users to save their recommendations for future reference. With its intuitive user interface, Deepstash makes it easy to find the perfect product or service for any situation.


1. Automated Data Curation & Enrichment: Automatically curate, enrich, and organize data from multiple sources.

2. Query Builder: Build powerful, accurate queries and get results faster.

3. Smart Alerts: Receive notifications whenever important data changes.

4. Advanced Analytics: Analyze data in real time to gain insights.

5. Data Visualization: Create interactive, visually appealing dashboards to explore and share data.

6. Data Security: Protect your data with advanced encryption and access control.

7. Automated Setup & Integration: Automatically set up and integrate data sources.

8. Data Sharing: Share data securely with other users.

9. Machine Learning: Leverage machine learning models to gain predictive insights.

10. User Management: Manage users, roles, and permissions.


FutureLearn is an online learning platform founded in 2012 by The Open University. The platform offers a variety of courses from top universities and organizations around the world, including Harvard University, the University of California, and the British Council. FutureLearn courses cover a variety of topics, ranging from business to science and technology, and are available for free or for a fee. Through the platform, users can learn through interactive videos, articles, activities, and discussions. Additionally, users can earn badges and certificates to show potential employers their accomplishments.


1. A range of over 500 courses from leading universities and specialist organizations from around the world.

2. The ability to learn at your own pace with flexible study plans.

3. Comprehensive learning materials, including videos, articles, quizzes, and more.

4. Interactive activities and discussions with other learners.

5. The opportunity to earn a digital certificate or Statement of Participation on successful completion of a course.

6. The chance to take part in regular meetups and social activities.

7. Personalised guidance and support from expert tutors.

8. Access to a global online learning community.

9. The ability to track your progress and earn badges and rewards.

10. A mobile app for learning on the go. is an online learning platform with interactive courses and challenges in math, science, and computer science. It provides courses and challenges in topics ranging from basic math to differential equations and linear algebra, as well as coding and machine learning. It also offers practice problems where users can test their skills in a variety of subjects. The platform is designed to help users improve their understanding of difficult concepts and become better problem-solvers. It also has a community of experts who are available to answer questions and provide feedback.


1. Practice: Provides a wide range of practice problems in math, science, and computer science to help students hone their skills.

2. Courses: Offers a variety of courses in math, science, and computer science to help students learn new topics.

3. Challenges: Provides challenges for students to work through in order to earn badges and awards.

4. Video Lectures: Offers video lectures from world-renowned experts to help students deepen their understanding of key topics.

5. Problem Library: Features a library of problems and solutions for students to reference when working on challenging problems.

6. Leaderboards: Allows students to track their progress and compare their scores with peers.

7. Community: Offers an active community of learners and experts to support each other.

8. Scholarships: Provides scholarships to exceptional students to help them pursue their dreams.


Plantoost is a mobile app that helps users plan and organizes their day-to-day tasks and activities. It helps users plan out their day with an easy-to-use interface and intuitive design. With Plantoost, users can set up activities, events, and tasks for themselves and others set reminders for upcoming activities, track their progress, and receive notifications when tasks are due. The app also allows users to add notes, images, and other media to their plans. Plantoost also offers a calendar view and syncing with other calendars to help users manage their day even more efficiently.


1. Automated Employee Scheduling: Plantoost provides an efficient and automated employee scheduling tool that helps you manage your workforce effectively and efficiently.

2. Robust Task Management: Plantoost offers robust task management tools that help you assign, track and manage tasks with ease.

3. Real-Time Insights: Plantoost provides real-time insights into your team’s performance, enabling you to make better decisions.

4. Team Collaboration: Plantoost offers an easy-to-use collaboration tool that helps you and your team stay in sync.

5. Performance Tracking: Plantoost provides detailed performance tracking tools that help you track your team’s progress and performance over time.

6. Mobile Compatibility: Plantoost ensures that all its features are accessible and compatible with mobile devices.

7. Customization Options: Plantoost offers customization options to help you tailor the platform to fit your unique needs and preferences.

8. Leave Management: Plantoost offers a comprehensive leave management system to help you manage employee leaves with ease.

9. Workflow Automation: Plantoost provides workflow automation tools that help you streamline and automate your daily processes.

10. Reporting: Plantoost offers detailed reporting tools so you can track and analyze your team’s performance.

Overall, these are great resources for anyone who is looking to grow their skills and expand their knowledge without a skillshare alternative. From free courses and tutorials to paid courses and certification programs, these alternatives offer a wide variety of options for learning new skills. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced professional, any one of these alternatives can help you take your career to the next level. With the right guidance and instruction, you can become an expert in whatever field you choose.

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